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training & educational resources Feb 12, 2023

Considering taking a Botox course but still have some questions? Here are the top FAQ's we receive from practitioners wanting to become Botox certified.

Who can take Botox training?

As Botox is a prescription medication, the ability to prescribe and/or administer prescription medications via injection is required. Dentists, Physicians and Nurses (RN, RPN, LPN's) are qualified to take training, however each province/state/jurisdiction has different legal requirements. As such, we always recommend that you confirm scope and practice guidelines directly with your regulatory college prior to registering. In British Columbia, Naturopaths can offer treatment and in Alberta, Pharmacists can as well.

PTIFA is an international educator sought after by many specialists, dentists, physicians and nurses. From our experience, our courses typically exceed the educational requirements required by the colleges.

How long is the training & how much is it?

Depending on how far and advanced you want to complete your training will depend on how many courses you take. Most practitioners will start off with the online Level 1 course and the Level 2 clinical hands-on. Upon completion of these two courses, you will be trained to treat patients with Botox in the most frequently requested areas. You will be certified to provide treatment aesthetically in the upper face, as well as therapeutically for migraine, headache & TMD.

Level 1 is $1,695 and offers 20 CE/CME credits and Level 2 is $3,400 and offers 24 CE/CME credits. All funds are in Canadian dollars. You may register for Level 1 & Level 2 at the same time and could potentially complete your training within a month. Level 2 is a two-day course held bi-monthly. See all upcoming dates here.

Additional higher level courses are available for those who want to learn how to treat advanced areas. View all course offerings here.

Where are the courses held?

Level 1 is an online self-directed course (20 hrs) which you will have access to for one year.
The Level 2 clinical is a two-day hands-on course typically held on a Friday & Saturday. Level 2 is offered in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto & Halifax. See all course dates here.

Do you offer a combined Botox/Filler course package?

Our educational content is thoughtfully created and structured to allow you to be successful in achieving predictable results – with little to no side effects. To do this, practitioners require a deep understanding of underlying anatomy, as well as a specific treatment and injection practices that provide the highest level of patient care. Both topics of botulinum toxin (ie: "Botox") and dermal fillers require ample anatomy-based instruction (20+ hours) and clinical hands-on practice (16 hours). It is not possible to obtain the depth of skill needed to be successful at both in a combined botulinum toxin/dermal filler course.

I only want to learn the therapeutic applications. Or, I only want to learn the aesthetic applications. Do you have a course for just that?

There is significant overlap between aesthetic and therapeutic treatments. Therapeutic treatment can have aesthetic side effects and vice versa. A thorough understanding of how the two are related is required for effective and appropriate treatment. The PTIFA Therapeutic and Aesthetic Templates illustrates their synergy. Precise anatomical placement and proper dosage is required in each case. Higher dosage than that used for aesthetic treatment alone results in reduction of headaches and migraines (see Allergan’s PREEMT study).

A threshold dosage, carefully placed, must be reached in order to obtain therapeutic relief. At this juncture, the secondary and tertiary mechanisms of action of botulinum toxin come into play, and there is a synergy between aesthetic and therapeutic outcomes.

That's why our Level 2 course has been designed to teach you the aesthetic use of botulinum toxin in the upper face, as well as the therapeutic use for reducing pain (migraine, headache, TMD, etc).

For learning therapeutic treatment skills we recommend the Level 1 online and Level 2 hands-on courses as a minimum. Level 3 takes the therapeutic training deeper. To learn more, review Dr. Roberts' article "Botulinum Toxin: Not Just a Pretty Face".

How do I integrate & get support back in my practice after completing my training?

Integrating new systems & treatments into any practice is always challenging. Many CE courses do not provide training or tools that help you can successfully integrate treatment into practice. In order to successfully integrate a new service into one’s practice, support & training for the team is required. PTIFA teaches this not only to practitioners, but also has separate team training courses that focus on specific skills necessary to ensure effective and consistent care is provided, including: business & clinical skills, photographic record-keeping, billing, marketing and patient management. For details, please visit our Level 2 team training course.

PTIFA also offers an online support Study Club where on-going practice support is provided to you after you complete training. Case support is available to graduates where you can upload each of your cases and have Instructors comment on your markings, dosage etc to help you achieve the best results for your patients.

Why should I train with PTIFA?

We recognize there are other courses available. Since 2008, PTIFA has been leading the industry with the highest standard of training. We have trained over 8,000 graduates now who confidently offer Botox treatments to their patients. Read our graduate's testimonials to get a better understanding of their experience. Our courses are anatomy-based (20+ hrs) and are geared to help you successfully integrate treatment into your practice. The clinical provides you with the most hands-on training offered within the industry and the opportunity to receive closely supervised training injecting 8+ patients. Our Faculty all use injectables on a daily basis within their practice - they practice what they preach! The cases and results you see in our course materials are results from each of our Instructors have achieved back in their own practice - not photos received from the manufacturers. For more details, view our post on how to select a Botox/Filler course.

Still have questions? No problem. Simply contact us and we would be pleased to assist you.


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