Kelowna Botox Course

study club announcements & events Jan 31, 2023

We are pleased to be hosting Botox courses in Kelowna, BC. Become a certified Botox provider and grow your practice with injectables. Dentists, physicians, nurses and their teams are invited to join Dr. Roberts as he brings his world-renown Botox training to you Wine Country.

Through our anatomy-based training and PTIFA’s proven clinical protocols, your practice will benefit from:

  • Increased practice revenue
  • Improved patient care & loyalty
  • Highly engaged team

Kelowna Botox Course: Become Certified

To become a certified Botox provider, you will need to register for the following two courses:

Upon completion of the course, you will be trained to use Botulinum Toxin for:

  • Fine Facial Lines & Wrinkles
  • Headache & Migraine
  • Parafunctional Habits: Bruxing, Clenching, Grinding
  • Symptoms of TMD: Pain & Tenderness in the Muscles of the Head & Neck

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Kelowna Botox Instructor: Dr. Warren Roberts

Dr. Warren Roberts is a general dentist who is recognized by Dentistry Today as one of the top 100 CE speakers. Dr. Roberts has trained over 8,000 dentists, physicians, specialists and nurses on how to effectively integrate Botulinum Toxin into their practice. His practice has been stated as the number one dental provider of botulinum toxin in North America. After attending several Botulinum Toxin training programs earlier in his career, Dr. Roberts was concerned with the level of training that was being provided in this field. To be an exceptional practitioner with no negative side effects, Dr. Roberts believes you need not only a deep level of understanding of head and neck anatomy, but also a deep understanding of specific practices and injection techniques that make the patient experience remarkable Through his commitment to delivering excellence in this field, his program content and educational model he has developed through the PTIFA is now being adopted by various regulatory boards across Canada to develop their “Standard of Practice”.

Kelowna Botox Instructor: Dr. Trevor Morhaliek

Dr. Morhaliek is a graduate of the PTIFAT’s botulinum toxin (aka Dysport®/Botox®) programs and has been teaching with us for over 5 years. Since experiencing the difference that PTIFAT training can make in his Kelowna, BC practice Simply Amazing Smiles, Dr. Morhaliek has been a strong advocate for the depth and quality of instruction provided by PTIFAT. His greatest passions are natural-looking aesthetic treatments combined with a desire to share his knowledge with other practitioners so they can experience the same level of success and patient satisfaction.

Kelowna Botox Course: Winery Dinner & Course  

To become a certified Botox provider, you will need to register for the following two courses:

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Join us and unwind after the course for dinner in the vineyard at Quails' Gate Winery. Celebrate after the course with colleagues and your team with a private five-course course dinner experience featuring seasonal local ingredients and select international wines, champagne and wines from Quails’ Gate’s new Distinction Collection. Details here.

Team Training for Botox in Kelowna

Your team is a huge part of successfully integrating Botox treatment into your practice. We're pleased to offer a separate Team Training course in Kelowna which focuses on the business side and clinical integration of botulinum toxin. Geared for non-injecting team members (office managers, reception, chair-side assistants, MOA, hygienists, etc), they will learn:

  • What is Botulinum Toxin (Botox)
  • Photography - which images, proper storage & comparison
  • Reception details
  • Billing & Insurance
  • Office Requirements, Supplies & Tray Set-up
  • The Ideal Botox Sequence
  • Reconstituting & Drawing-up Syringes
  • Booking, Recare & Follow-up Appointments
  • Marketing & Patient Education

Format: online component (6 hrs) + 1-day hands-on in Kelowna on July 15, 2023.

Fee: $799

CE: 14 CE

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