Lecture for the VCCDAS: the CDA's role with Botox in Dentistry

study club announcements & events Jan 15, 2017

PTIFA Instructors, Anthy Goulas and Dr. Jan Roberts, will be speaking to the Vancouver Central Certified Dental Assistants Society (VCCDAS) at their upcoming Continuing Education Meeting.

Lecture: Botox in Dentistry: What you Need to Know About Therapeutic and Cosmetic Botox Treatment and the CDA's Role

It's been 8 years since the College of BC Dental Surgeons college approved the use of Botox for dentists – is your practice aware of how you can improve patient care therapeutically and cosmetically with Botox?

Date: January 23, 2017 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Speakers: Anthy Goulas, Dr. Jan Roberts
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Room: Vancouver Community College – Downtown Campus on 250 West Pender Street, Vancouver
CE: 2 credits

To attend, please contact the VCCDAS directly or download their membership & registration form.

Speaker Bios

Anthy Goulas
Anthy Goulas was born and raised in Vancouver and is a graduate of Vancouver Community College's Certified Dental Assistant and Dental Reception program. She has enjoyed a full career in the field of dentistry, having worked in both Canada and the United States - this year marks her 25 year anniversary. Currently, she is an office coordinator for a small family practice in Kitsilano, and a Clinical Team Instructor Lead with the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics - an organization that teaches dentists, physicians and nurses and their teams in the field of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. She is excited to teach team members on the different applications of Botox in a dental practice - including both the therapeutic and cosmetic uses.

Dr. Jan Roberts
Dr. Jan Roberts is one of the top cosmetic dentists in Vancouver, BC and has been in practice for almost 40 years. Along with her husband Dr. Warren Roberts, she co-founded the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics (PTIFA) in 2008. Dr. Jan Roberts is a rarity in the dental field. Not only is she a highly trained cosmetic dentist, she is also one of the few international female lecturers and clinical instructors in the North American dental lecture circuit. Currently, she is the leading voice on how the combination of cosmetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation treatments can work together to push patient satisfaction to the next level. She is in the final stages of her AACD accreditation -the world's most recognized advanced credential program

About the VCCDAS

The VCCDAS is in its 17th year and has grown to become an educational tool for Certified Dental Assistants, Hygienists and Dentists. The society offers a high caliber of speakers to enhance our knowledge, keep pace with the complexities of modern dentistry and allows members to accumulate valuable continuing education credits. Attendees may be eligible for 2 credits for each course. As a Society, the VCCDAS is proud to be able to keep it's members current as to what is transpiring within the field of dentistry and would like to welcome new and old members.


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