What to Expect in Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Training

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Thinking about adding Botox treatments to your clinic's services?

As healthcare professionals, advancing your expertise to include Botox treatments can significantly enrich your practice. PTIFA's training courses are meticulously structured to provide not just an understanding of Botox's aesthetic appeal but also its therapeutic benefits.

Why Anatomy Matters

In the world of injectables, knowing your way around facial anatomy is key. That's why we dive deep into this topic, helping you understand exactly what's happening beneath the skin. This foundational knowledge is critical, whether you're smoothing out wrinkles or easing patient discomfort.

Real-World Practice

Our training isn't just about theory. In the Level 2 course, you'll get your hands busy with actual injections, applying what you've learned on real patients, with close supervision to ensure you're getting it right.

Level 1: Laying the Foundations

Our Level 1 course sets the stage for your Botox training. Offered online for your convenience, it delves into the detailed anatomy of the head and neck, coupled with an introduction to Botox and dermal fillers. It's designed to integrate seamlessly into your professional life.

Level 2: Hands-On Experience

In our Level 2 course, the focus shifts to practical application. Here, you'll gain hands-on experience, applying Botox in real-life scenarios under expert supervision. This course is an invaluable opportunity to refine your technique and build confidence in your new skill set.

Level 3: Advanced Applications

Level 3 expands your proficiency into more complex areas of facial aesthetics and advanced therapeutic management. This advanced training enhances your capability to provide comprehensive Botox treatments, addressing a wide range of patient needs.

The PTIFA Technique

We're proud of the PTIFA Wheel Technique, a method developed by our own Dr. Warren Roberts. It focuses on patient comfort and reducing side effects, a game-changer in the world of injectables. This technique is something you'll learn and practice in our courses, setting your skills apart.

Bringing Cosmetic and Therapeutic Injections to Your Clinic

Once you've completed the training, the next big step is integrating these new skills into your practice. We've got you covered there too, with resources and support to make the transition smooth. Our online Study Club and team training courses are just some of the ways we help you bring Botox into your clinic confidently.

Why Choose PTIFA

Since our start in 2008, we've trained over 8,000 professionals. Our courses are known for their depth, practical approach, and focus on patient care.

When you train with us, you're learning from the best, with real-life cases and examples that bring the learning to life.

Taking the Next Step in Botox Training

If incorporating Botox into your professional services aligns with your practice goals, PTIFA is your ideal partner.

Explore our courses to discover how we can assist you in enhancing patient care and broadening your service offerings.

Explore Our Botox Training Courses.


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