Botox Courses for Physicians: Family Physicians, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Physiatrists & Other Specialists

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Are you considering offering aesthetic treatments as a new part of your practice? Do you feel tired of the daily stress of traditional family medicine and are interested in how you can boost your practice revenue with aesthetic injectables?

Learn how you can seamlessly integrate Botox, injectables and microneedling into your practice with PTIFAT’s proven clinical protocols and patient care practices. Increase your practice income and offer a service your patients will be happy to visit you for. Family physicians who enrol in PTIFAT’s educational curriculum have chosen to invest in their career so that they can achieve predictable results – while avoiding the negative side effects.

Earn CME (Category 2) credits upon the completion of each level.


Download Dr. Roberts’ business guide to Botulinum Toxin.


Benefits of Incorporating BoNT-A

  1. Develop a fun and rewarding role within your career by working with motivated patients who are interested in improving their appearance.

  2. Increase practice income from patients who are prepared to pay privately out of pocket for treatment. Offer a service that allows you to spend more time with patients.

  3. Ability to exercise your own creativity by helping patients achieve the appearance they desire.

  4. Ability to develop a sustainable and fulfilling career in the growing field of injectables and aesthetics. Enjoy more flexibility and the ability to delegate treatments to a nurse profitably.

  5. Enjoy a more relaxed clinical environment working in aesthetic practices vs. hospital/emergency rooms/walk-in clinics.

  6. Reduce headache/migraine. Improve the lives of your patients with proven threshold dosage levels of botulinum toxin. Improve patient care with a deep understanding of how botulinum toxin fits into your diagnostic and treatment armamentarium, and thereby improving the well-being of your patients.

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Initial Outlay

Tuition Expense:

  • Level 1 online anatomy course ($1,779.75 - Price includes GST)
  • Level 2 – Basic Botulinum Toxin course ($3,570 - Price includes GST)
  • Team Member for the Level 2 – Team Member course ($838.95 - Price includes GST)

Total Tuition: $6,188.70 (all taxes included)

Supplies Expense:

  • Set-up Tray: syringes, ice packs, saline etc. ($299.00 - plus GST)
  • Cost of botulinum toxin product ($283.50 – $383.25 /vial)

Total Cost = $6,771.20 (approximately, plus GST)

Family physicians will see a complete return on their training investment in less than two months (based on seeing six botulinum toxin patients, not including cost of Dysport/Botox® product). Besides ordering product and incorporating a tray system, offering botulinum toxin as a treatment requires no additional equipment or investment. Upon graduating from Level 2, you will be able to offer both the aesthetic treatments for reducing the signs of aging (ie: fine facial lines and wrinkles), as well as the therapeutic treatments (ie: migraines/headaches).

Practice Revenue Opportunity

revenue opportunity graph of adding botulinum toxin to doctor practice

According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons 2017 Plastic Surgery Statistics report, botulinum toxin (ie: Dysport®/Botox®) procedures has grown over 819% from 2000 to 2017. Are you taking advantage of this expanding market? Learn how you can improve patient care and increase practice revenue with minimal overhead.

On average, a new botulinum toxin patient requires 50-70 units of treatment. At $12 per unit, that visit equals $600-$840 in practice revenue. Seeing only six botulinum toxin patients per month produces approximately $3,600 – $5,040 additional revenue per month.

In one year, six botulinum toxin patients per month will produce a minimum of $43,200 in practice revenue.


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